Air Transportation Services is a department in the Division of Administrative Services at Virginia Tech. The department is staffed by six pilots who are supported by a flight operations manager who work in the Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport. The airport is operated by the Virginia Tech Montgomery Regional Airport Authority.

The goal of the department is to provide safe, on-demand air transportation for Virginia Tech employees, or employees of university-related corporations, on official university business.

Virginia Tech owns two Citation jets (aircrafts) used to provide these services; a Citation Excel and a Citation Sovereign.

The Citation Excel seats a maximum of eight passengers while the Citation Sovereign seats a maximum of nine; however, a minimum of three is required per flight.

Both jets are affectionately refered to as HokieBirds.

The majority of Air Transportation Services flights take place on the east coast. Flying service can be customized to fit specific needs, including choice of departure times and locations.


Air Transportation Services (0558)
1591 Research Center Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061